Special Banking Services

In addition to our regular banking services, we are pleased to offer a number of special services to you, our customers, in order to make your lives easier.

Savings Bonds

U.S. Government bonds are available for investment and for special occassions such as births, graduations and Christmas.

Social Security and VA Direct Deposit

If you receive social security benefits or a Veteran Administration pension, you can arrange to have them deposited directly to your account on the date they are due to you.

Retirement Plans

We offer a complete range of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) services and investment alternatives.

Wire Transfers

We can wire funds immediately to domestic as well as international banks.

Direct Deposit of Your Paycheck

If offered by your place of employment, you can have your paycheck deposited directly to your acount at our bank.

Travelers Checks

To facilitate your travel plans, we offer American Express travelers checks.