BNEdirect Scanner

What is BNE Direct?

Have you ever wished you could make a deposit to your business account without leaving the comfort of your office? Or, without rushing to get to the bank before closing time? Well, our newest product, BNE Direct, allows you to do just that.

BNE Direct converts every check that you receive from your customers into an electronic transaction - much like receiving a credit card or debit card payment.

Converting a paper check into an electronic transaction provides you with several benefits including:

How does BNE Direct work?

Bank of New England provides your business with both hardware and software that will scan checks you receive from your customers.

The check scanning hardware creates an electronic image of the check. At the end of the day you transmit the images of all your scanned checks to our data center, eliminating trips to the bank.

Your business account at Bank of New England receives credit for the full deposit. There are no held funds due to checks drawn on out of state financial institutions.

BNE Direct processes checks days faster than teller deposited checks. Therefore, you will be notified much faster of returned NSF and Stop Payment checks.

What happens when a check is returned for NSF?

When a check is returned NSF, you will be sent notification and a legal replacement copy of the check.

What do I do with the original paper check?

You should safely store the paper check for a short period of time. At the end of the storage period, you should properly and securely destroy the original paper check. We recommend shredding the original check.

What do I do if I destroy a check and need a copy?

For two full years after scanning checks, you can retrieve a copy of any check scanned by our system by accessing our online image research and retrieval system available to you 24-hours a day and 7-days a week via our secure Internet Gateway. Check images are available to your business for seven years upon request.

Is BNE Direct Safe?

Yes it is! Our service uses the latest encryption technology and multi-level password protection to ensure that all electronic checks are kept safe and secure.

In fact, by eliminating the transporting of checks to our bank, lost or stolen checks are eliminated.